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Free Open IP2-Country Database


The free Open IP2IQ databases are provided without any official support. Although we try to help or answer any questions or issues when possible.


The open IP2IQ databases are just as accurate as the enterprise IP2IQ databases but the enterprise version is updated daily and reflect the latest changes immediately.

Free open databases are updated on the first day of every month. If you need latest up to date data which is updated daily please upgrade to the enterprise version.


The open IP2IQ databases are license under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

The open IP2IQ libraries and clients are license under Apache License Version 2.0.

This works is not to be used in conjuction with works that are defamatory or morally deviant in nature. Please contact us if you're not sure your particular use case goes against the moral clause.

To satisfy the attribution requirements for the license, you must visibly display the notice below in your product website, advertising and source.

<a href="">Open IP2-Country DB</a> by <a href="">IP2IQ</a> inside.
Open IP2-Country DB by IP2IQ inside. Available free from

The enterprise license does not require the above notice.


Open IP2-Country Database (CSV)05-2018-01Download
Open IP2-Country Database (DAT)05-2018-01Download
IP2 PHP Library1.0Download